Legal Requirements

Before you may marry, the law requires that you sign before an Authorised Celebrant or JP and lodge with me the Notice of Intended Marriage.  This form must be submitted to me a minimum of one calendar month prior to the wedding*.

You can submit your NoIM in person or by post.

The NoIM form will remain active for 18 calendar months from the date of submission.

Documents (originals) I will need to sight are:

  • evidence of your date and place of birth.  (Birth certificate or Passport).
  • if a party to the intended marriage is a divorced or widowed person - evidence of your divorce, or of the death of your spouse.

If you were born overseas you will need an overseas passport or a birth certificate translated in to English.

Please contact me to discuss the requirements for the NoIM, it is possible to complete the NoIM while overseas.

You must be over 18 years of age to marry in Australia (or have special permission.)

On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18.

A Declaration must also be signed prior to the wedding which states the bride and groom are 18 years or more, not married to anyone else and there is no legal reason why they should not be married.

After the ceremony there are 3 documents to sign for the bride, groom, 2 witnesses and myself.

These are:

The official Certificate of Marriage.
A Certificate of Marriage, which is kept on file.
A Presentation Marriage Certificate for the couple to keep.


*Situations arise from time to time when a couple seek to be married with less than a month available to give the required notice.  Information on the shortening of time may be found on the Attorney General's website.

Signing the documents