Every couple, their relationship, and the way they express their love for each other is unique. So too is every wedding ceremony! Here is a basic outline to give you “a starting point” to create a ceremony that is individual - a ceremony that is personal and reflects something of your commitment, your thoughts and feelings towards each other…..

Joanne Shears - Celebrant

Music or song, before the arrival of the bride and to announce her arrival



The giving away or presentation of the bride  

Prayer / Invocation


Monitum - the celebrant's legal authority

Ritual (optional)
(Other ceremony, culturally appropriate, handfasting, rose ceremony, sand, wine, candle etc.)

Vow exchange

Ring exchange


Declaration of the marriage

The kiss

The signing of the Register, Marriage Certificate

Presentation Marriage Certificate

Introduction of newly married couple

Closing words

Celebration music / Process out 


Wedding format