"Get Married
Stay Married
What a concept."
~The Snipe

A large number of couples who come to see me have been living together for a period of time before they decide to be married.  When I advise them that pre-marriage education is MORE than just a good idea they sometimes suggest that their experience of living together precludes them from the need to do so! 

People change, relationships grow, and life often throws us a number of curve balls....Pre-marriage education can provide you with the tools and skills needed to live "happily ever after".  

Studies reveal that "participation in premarital education is associated with higher levels of satisfaction and commitment in marriage and lower levels of conflict-and also reduced odds of divorce". [1]  

Marriage is for life...shouldn't you do all you can to protect such a "long term investment"? 

Here are a few links to programs offered in Victoria.  



Relationships Australia 


Anglicare Relationship Education                                 


Catholic Care 


Family Relationships


Life works 


Relate Well  


Relationship Central 



Sacred Rituals Weddings

  For further reading...make sure you bookmark Smartmarriages! 



1. Stanley, Scott M.;Amato, Paul R.;Johnson, Christine A.;Markman, Howard J. (2006) Premarital education, marital quality, and marital stability: Findings from a large, random household survey.  

Journal of Family Psychology, Vol 20(1), 117-126